This interactive site dedicated to André Breton is the reference and essential site on the founder of surrealism. Its exceptional archives (manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, Folk arts, Primitive arts, etc.) were created from the collection of the studio at 42, rue Fontaine and are constantly being supplemented and updated. Its exploration answers many questions posed by researchers and enthusiasts of surrealism and André Breton.

The Phares collection launched in 2005 is produced by Aube Breton-Élléouët, in co-production with Séverine Gauci. The Phares collection devoted to artists of surrealist sensibility includes 25 titles in 2020. Each set contains a DVD subtitled in English and Spanish, completed by an 88-page biographical booklet. This exceptional collection, unique in the world, constitutes a reference audiovisual library.

This biannual review launched in 2016 by Rose-Hélène Iché and Nicolas Pujol offers you a complete and original summary around surrealism. The various themes addressed through files and interviews (visual arts, collage, design, object, painting, performance, photography, sculpture) allow us to take the measure of the current liveliness of surrealism both in France and abroad. .

This weekly newsletter is a production of APRES (Association Pour l’Etude du Surréalisme) chaired by Henri Behar. Emeritus professor of French literature at the Sorbonne nouvelle Paris 3 and author of a reference biography on André Breton, Henri Behar and his team provide you with complete news every week on current and upcoming events (exhibitions, publications, conferences, conferences, screenings) around surrealism.