Jacqueline Lamba, painter. 1950-1963

Between 1951 to 1963, from her return to France to her permanent relocation to Paris, Jacqueline undertakes extensive pictorial research. She frequents the courtyards of the Grande Chaumière, painting more figurative works inspired by the forms of Picasso and the colors of Matisse.

She creates numerous drawings in Chinese ink. Nudes, the atelier on rue Gay Lussac and at the Grande Chaumière, portraits of her daughter Aube and her son-in-law Yves Élléouët, and still lifes are her favorite subjects. But it was from 1960, during her stays in Cannes on the Côte d’Azur and in the villages of Biot and Sainte-Agnès, that her style took shape.

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