The Landscapes of the Alpes de Haute Provence 1962-1971

From 1963, Jacqueline spends several months each year in Simiane-la-Rotonde, in the 18th century house that Henri Laugier lent her. She sets up an atelier there, whose windows look out over a vast plain and distant mountains.

Each afternoon, she sets off on small paths, her sketchbook in hand, capturing the spirit of the earth, stones, and sparse drylands. She enters in communion with the universe, the sacred, the earthly currents and those greater of the cosmos.

The Simiane plains are covered with tender greens and aniseed at the end of spring, petrol and navy blues of lavender fields at the beginning of summer, and ocher-oranges at the start of autumn. Sometimes, black lines define spaces, like the top of the hills, or the village houses of Simiane.

These colors are cheerful and bright, enchanting to the eye. Jacqueline is a girl from the Mediterranean. Her paintings are scented with jasmine, citrons, mimosas, oranges, lemon trees and magnolias. Her distances are filled with olive trees, cypresses, and holm oaks.

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